It doesn’t matter what our profession is!!!!! Anyone at any time can skid into various health derangements due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

This is my second advancement with RKHTTP … 3 years ago in 2020, I took an amazing voyage with RKHTTP in shedding weight and achieved a healthy body and mind. But afterwards due to a busy schedule in my Post Graduation, I failed to follow the healthy diet and regimen instructed by Rino. Even though that was my scenario, it took a long (about 1 year) to regain that “gone” unhealthy weight with all the junk stuff!!! …. I swear, it was nothing but the magic of RKHTTP which delayed my weight gain even in that vulnerability !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

From April 2022, I started working as a complete Medical Practitioner and Professor and spend all of my day in patient consultation , teaching medicos and pre-class synopsis. This in turn pushes me to a complete sedentary life. Soon after 4 to 5 months, I started realizing that my weight gain is out of control and I have to act faster for a better solution. My body starts showing the consequences of weight gain like easy back sprain, hair loss, skin changes, lethargy, mood swings and thyroid fluctuations. First I thought, I can manage this by framing a food proportion in my own way with some daily exercises. Even though I need RKHTTP badly at that time, I showed reluctance thinking that it is impossible to follow their advanced diet and regimen strictly due to my hectic schedule. But by Dec 2022, I got alarmed that if this continues I will become a patient at this young age. I asked Rino for help and made a comeback to RKHTTP. Initially he fixed a diet to correct my severely altered body nutritional deficits along with some cardio and home workout regimen. I continued that without any fail for 2 months and from last week of January 2023, I stepped into the real harsh diet and workout plan framed by Rino for the next 5 weeks. He traveled with me throughout the journey with his online workout sessions and mental support, which boost my confidence and determination to its peak. I loose around 15 kgs and got confident about my appearance and health now. Nothing can express my gratitude towards Rino and RKHTTP for this. I personally recommend RKHTTP if you are in search for a trusted and result oriented weight-loss or body building programme. I ensure you RKHTTPs result is always amazing, sustaining and healthy. Stick to a healthy and assured weight loss regimen ….