Created and established by Rino. N (renowned Nutritionist and Body Transformation Peak Performance Coach and Consultant). RKHTTP - RINO’S KILLER HIT ‘T’ TRAINING PRINCIPLES where ‘T’ implies, the short-term requisition for an enormous and enduring transformation. RKHTTP is proved to be one of the most successful physique transformation systems ever created. We have already triumphed over our alarming success through various world’s best physiques from Cyclists to the professional Bodybuilders, CrossFit athletes, Army- Defence sector, bodybuilding competitors, Martial Artists, Fitness enthusiastic, Athletes and physique Champions who have repeatedly won national and international titles. We launched this program to bring out maximal guaranteed results with its utmost safety for meeting your body transformation and weight loss goals. .

RKHTTP works by boosting the hormonal response to its peak with intense muscle hypertrophy. When skeletal muscles are subjected to significant tension, there will be alteration in the integrity of muscle fibers which in turn results in increased production of contraction proteins named actin and myosin. This contractile protein hike leads to a rise in cross sectional area of muscle leading to strength and mass gain to a higher degree. Increment in anabolic hormone production due to high metabolic and metabolite demands such as Lactate in response to intense workouts can be the unique working principle of RKHTTP training. Individualized diet plan, expert directed supplementation and effective personal counseling to raise human values for tackling the insecurities in life and living are the other ‘secret trios’ which featured RKHTTP matchless with others.