Show you can be the "one" whom others thought you cannot be

"2021 wasn’t the best year of my life health wise and since last year, I wanted to hit gym regularly and to build a toned body. But later i understood that wishing for that big lifestyle change is often the easy part. If you’re not happy about something in your life, it’s easy to acknowledge it and say you’re going to change. However, to actually follow through and make that change happen you’ll need a ton of determination. And that is what i was lacking for the last one year. And thus how i approached @rino.n.palode a good friend and more like a brother who found the real goal inside me before i did. It was much easier for me to follow the road with a goal ahead than blindly following a path to achieve something. When i discussed it with @rino.n.palode he warned me that it is going to be very hard and say ‘Yes’ only if you’re 100% determined. When i said Yes i did not foresee how Tough-Rough it is going to be. To be honest, i did not feel this hard to achieve a goal in my entire life. Last 100 days i can’t thank enough @rino.n.palode for his high motivation and huge patience. When i approached him every time related to my body concerns, he did not say anything but reassured that i will be celebrating this Christmas with family & friends with a complete happiness of achieving my dream goal. And i enjoyed this Christmas 2021 exactly how he promised. Thank you @rino.n.palode for supporting me in the situations where i could have easily shattered and for making me understood that it is nothing but something to hold on to my goal even more harder. Let 2022 be the same spirit and waiting for the next level of my transformation. We all hit those discouraging plateaus, when people around us to motivate to get back on track. Thank you @maxon.9_2 for pushing me constantly to finish the end line. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a prosperous new year in advance✨ "