Ratheesh's disclosure on his amazing changeover from a construction worker to a personal health trainer

“Hi, Iam Rathish.G, worked as a construction labourer. I has been doing this work since 14 yrs of my age due to grave financial crisis in family and thereby dropped my studies after plus two. Even though being in a worst situation, I managed to marry the girl whom I fell for, and hopefully with lots of aspirations I started a new life with her. But fate being Devastating, snatched her away to world beyond human, left me and our dreams alone. Initially I was almost shattered later, I turn aggressive and felt can’t handle this anymore … all this makes me vibrant and decided not to get kneeled before fate again. At this time Rino N, nutritionist and coach came as a helping hand for me, he guides me and motivates me. I started loving myself, ate healthy and do workouts as per his guidance and supervision. And I have to say loudly that RKHTTP changed me, and now Iam working in one of the most recoganised Gym in Trivandrum as a fitness trainer. My life got changed!! And whole heartedly thanking Rino N, for this alarming revamping of my life.”