Be passionate about what you do ,You will be guaranteed with a good out-turn

From the beginning of this year, i was much concerned about my body and health...all I need is to bring a sound change to the present state. I attempt many possible ways for that but all I can earn is negative results....It was really disappointing but I had a strong determination to bring back my body and my mind. At that time I decided to approach my good friend and mentor @rino.n.palode. Interaction with him was really motivational and make me realise its going to be a real tough play and at the same time, it wasn’t impossible for me to achieve. His inspiring words shook me to enter in the right path towards my goal. I just broke my routine and started my new journey with confidence. To be honest, it was a 100 day challenge of extreme hard work and the most toughest time in my life to keep a balance between work , fitness and family. But it was one of the best decision i took in my life Here I am about to enjoy the most cherishable time of this year with a strongest gratitude towards achieving my dream. What motivated me to keep going was that it wasn’t as hard as I made it out to be. Now Iam ready to set go for new ventures in the upcoming new year to accomplish new goals with the same mindset. Thank you again @rino.n.palode for your extreme support and guidance. Without you this is unachievable.... Can’t forget to thank '2' more people along this track, my friend Mr. Jacob @justin1_8 to help me with the motivation and my dear sister @sandradelly7 for taking care of my diet meals. This is “just” the beginning