Arsha Thulasi : A LIFE UPDATE!!!!

Let me tell you about my incredible weight loss journey! This is not just a body transformation, but a story that changed me inside out! 2022 was not at all fine with me .Stress, depression, several related therapy sessions, shift in job, new surroundings, new people.... everything end up affecting my body. And what happened was I become overweight with irregular menstrual cycle, skin complaints and many more..... At that I came to know about Rino through my friend and there starts the journey... I still remember the first day, I had a conversation with him. All I had with me was a file of uneven blood test report and stressed out mind. I was not confident to start this fitness journey as I was unsure and tensed about myself. I started at 76.8 Kg! In addition my cravings for egg puffs and porotta - beef were out of control. I can't even begin to describe how hard it was for me to resist those delicious treats. But Rino's unwavering support and motivation kept me going. He taught me to trust the process and believe in myself. It wasn't just about losing weight; it was about rebooting my body, both internally and externally. From there to 50th day, when Rino and I had a conversation, I was so much confident about the changes I got in me. And guess what? It worked!

Today, I stand super happy at 66.5 kgs, a living testament to the power of determination and faith. I'm happier, healthier, and more confident than ever before. Here's the best part, I don’t have to give up my favourite foods completely. Can you believe it? I learned to control my portions and still enjoy those tasty treats in moderation within the healthy body weight! Now, I find joy in motivating my friends to embrace healthy habits. They see the changes in me, and I love being a source of inspiration for them. It's incredible how a little faith and trust in the process can make such a difference. And this is just a Stage 1 transformation!!! 3000 thanks to Rino for the patience he had with me and the trust he build in me! We shake our hands for something big! Man, you are magical!

Arsha Thulasi