After Hannah's delivery, I gained a lot of weight and had been in a struggle to get back to my normal self. My husband Justin’s transformation with RKHTTP gave me a fight to take a chance with this amazing transformation programme.

Being mother of a two year old child, I dreamed of achieving something which others thought impossible at that life situation. But my burning desire for it forces me to reach out RKHTTP and Rino charted the best diet and workout plan for me considering my body requirements. It was COVID lockdown time and I was unable to utilize Gym facilities at that time but Rino Handled it with ease by scheduling a 100% home based workout just with a pair of dumb bells. It was a Herculean task for me to handle little Hannah and my post delivery struggles like sleepless nights, feeding Hannah and my mood swings etc …..

We are blessed with an alarming will power which can overrule our actual ability, but too often we are accustomed to find an excuse and conclude things are impossible beyond a level. Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who give up their desires and goals by making excuses but I opted for a different path and here I am!!!! Thanking RKHTTP and Rino for this utmost support and guidance to achieve my dream. I really appreciate and value your help.

Amala - Australia