Adarsh: From a non-believer to a firm believer of fitness.

LI had known Rino for the past few years. He has been telling me to make some changes in my eating habits and workouts. I wasn’t very keen on it but at some point I felt a change is necessary and I should give it a try. The first person I called was Rino and I told him that I want to do it. I was not very convinced about the weight/fat lose and muscle gain initially. I talked to him and he asked me to take a master health blood test so that he could know if my health is okay and could plan my diet. He asked to strictly follow his plan for 90 days and assured me that I’m going to achieve what I want. That’s when I started trusting him and his process even before I started trusting myself and my potential. He gave me a diet as well as workout plan and it was a 90 days package. I religiously followed what he had planned for me. I started seeing results within 45 days which kept me motivated to complete the package. After completing the plan, I reached my desired body weight, shape and health. I developed a healthy lifestyle along with healthy eating habits. All thanks to Rino!