vishnu:Triumphant shift from nothing to a south Asian competitor: A RKHTTP REVOLUTION

"I am a physique model contender and its only because of one person, Mr.Rino. His efforts and capability made me the person who I am today. Eventhough I belong to a very ordinary family, I loved to work out and had been working out for 3 years without a proper diet or guidance. Somehow he noticed me and one day he asked me whether I can compete as a physique model contender. I literally laughed and said:-" I am struggling to make both ends meet, so how can I even follow a diet plan? ". He looked at me with a serious face and asked: "Are you interested or not?" At that moment I said yes. And he gave me a strict diet and workout regime to follow. He helped me several ways that I am really greatful for. His inspirational advice and motivation made me achieve something which I never would have gained in my life ever. Rino and RKHTTP can inspire you to have dreams and achieve that dream with flying colours.""