Justin~ a social worker works at medical field transformed as ultimate CrossFit athlete

"I was fairly a big man before I started this weight loss journey. I weighed around 110 kilos and more than 30% body fat. I have had a challenging past two years where I was not feeling healthy both mentally and physically. My health was poor and I was told that I was borderline obese, variations in blood pressure, high cholesterol and so on. Doctor advised if no changes happens in the next three months, I might have to be on medications to tackle my health issues. It was a sense of urgency for me where I have to transform and feel better of myself. That's when I approached a good friend/ brother Rino.N and asked for guidance on how to pull this off. He laid out a very "tough" clean plan especially with nutrition (which used to change every 3 days or within a week). His calculations were very precise and purely science based. I did not take any supplements and was purely from whole natural foods (lots of greens) . His methods were hard but I enjoyed it, I almost gave up several times but he uplifted and motivated me by reminding the purpose of taking up this challenge. There were no cheat meals allowed and just like I said it was pretty hard. I put everything on line, and gave 110% of everything. I was consistent and worked my ass off in the gym. Hard works does pay off. My life for the last few months was literally just work, gym and home.l currently weigh around 88 kilos(almost 22kilos lost). I'm forever grateful for you my brother Rino.N.I promise myself to stay in this state of health and shape as long as I can add up some fun times at times"