I am an unfortunate person who being acquainted with numerous diseases since my very young age. All I can remember is a childhood with recurrent affections, frequent hospital visits and timingly intake of tablets with varying shape, size and colours. Soon it became a part and parcel of my living and I got yielded to grow-up with that routine. But due to the continuous ailments and medical intervention I was diagnosed with multiple organ affections. Even though the arena was contrary for me & there was no idea on what next, I devoted my cent percent in studies, profession and whatever I am committed to. On the other side, Cricket was my eternal love and it was distressing for me when I realize that my health was unlawful for my desires. I used to get severe recurrent asthma attacks when I am active in field and that was the time I started to relay completely on Inhaler. It was really heart-breaking for me to get away from my passion as I don’t want to make my companions suffer. That was the point I kneeled down before my fate and felt as if everything stands against me and my will. I intentionally avoid all that I loved and this made me to hate myself , I questioned the purpose of my birth and started to live with no intensions. I was caught up by depression and it was a “give-away” stage in my life!!! I broke my food routines … habits and everything… all that awaited was…Sleepless nights...with breathing difficulty and intense GERD pain (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease). Unhealthy life routines increased my blood cholesterol level, altered organ functioning and got diagnosed with heart valve affection. Everything went beyond my control. That was the time I scrolled up over one of my friend’s transformation story. I enquired him about his transformation as my last try. My friend introduced me to Rino, really it was the greatest turnover in my life. Rino being a good friend and motivator stand besides me. He changed me in and out. My perspective on life got changed and now I was so determinant to face any challenges of life . I am so happy to get transformed and this is a great achievement of my life ever. Despite of all this, I hope this would be an inspiring life journey for all those who are struggling around there. I am grateful to Rino and his RKHTTP programme for rejuvenate me to a new fellow who immensely craves to revive, realize and experience the life ahead….